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Welcome to GB64 An attempt to document ALL Commodore 64 gameware before it's too late!  

  The Summer Dozen release!

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow C64 enthusiasts and Retro Gamers! To celebrate the summer, Version 12 of the Gamebase64 database has just been released! The total game count is now 24450 - another 450 new entries!

Enjoy the collection and have a great summer!

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 by Steve.

GB64 Version 11 released - MARCHing on!

It's Spring and to celebrate this, Version 11 of the Gamebase64 database has just been released! The total game count is now 24000 - which means, another 500 entries have been added!
In addition to this, two small (but useful and cool) new features have been added to the website: It is now possible to search and browse the game graphicians - and, if a game is a clone of another title, the main entry will show up on the detail page.


Posted: 10 Mar 2014 by Steve.

GB64 MAYhem - Version 10 released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce that Version 10 of the Gamebase64 database has just been released - adding 500 Games to a new total of 23500 entries!

SYS 64738, LOAD "$",8 and Enjoy!

Posted: 1 May 2013 by Steve.

Only a few days to go! Become an Elite:Dangerous backer now!
Make your pledge now to see the remake of this classic game turn into reality!

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 by Steve.

GB64 v9 is UP!
The GameBase team is once again proud to update the largest and most accurate C64 game database in existance: GameBase 64!

This time in it's 9th iteration we drew the line at a whopping 23,000 game titles!!

In addition to another 500+ new games listed, we managed to find and add a lot of notable missing games and their screenshots, as well as update various titles to better versions. All of this alongside more detailed information on more of the games, and the latest HVSC of course.

Pretty much all the things you've come to expect - and then some!

Posted: 2 Aug 2012 by Neo-Rio.

GameBase 64 V8.0 is ONLINE!

Faithful flock of the Commodore 64, rejoice!

It took a while, but GB64 reached its 8th incarnation and what's more, it's now online and ready to be peeked, poked and sys'ed by you, O True Believers.

But 'what's new?', I hear you cry in excitement ... Well, besides its whole new mean attitude and unforgiving disposition that elevates it into a new level of coolness, it now includes:

- 22500 database entries
- 1531 new game images
- 507 updated game images
- 3000 games with original disk image
- 3333 games with original tape image
- support of the latest HVSC #55
- Newly introduced fields: "Developer", "Graphics" and "Clone of"
- a huge amount of credit fixes
- plus some unexpected surprises!

By now you should be wondering how can you participate in this festive occasion. Well, we have a suggestion: let the disk version of Little Computer People run full screen in your PC for one evening ... and reminisce the good old times...

Posted: 9 Sep 2011 by Dimitris Kiminas.

Action & Adventure Game of the Week

Collapse -- War of the Lance

Htmlized reviews of these games from the UK C64 computer games' magazine Zzap!64 have been added to the Articles section.

With these reviews ZZAP! issue 18 is completed and we'll go into hiatus until I find the time to htmlize some more. Sadly my free time has taken a turn for the worst, so it will be a while before we continue. Take care and have faith!

Posted: 5 Dec 2010 by Dimitris Kiminas.

Action & Adventure Game of the Week

Super Cycle -- Xenomorph

"You can virtually feel the throb of a 750 cc engine between your legs in this Sizzling new high speed motorbike racing simulation from EPYX."

Htmlized reviews of these games from the UK C64 computer games' magazine Zzap!64 have been added to the Articles section.

'Now is the winter of our discontent,' the poet wrote -- but then he didn't realise the next ZZAP! review was going online December 5.

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 by Dimitris Kiminas.

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