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OffTopic: Calendar Creator using GB screenshots

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OffTopic: Calendar Creator using GB screenshots

Thu Dec 29, 2022 1:03 pm

I made such a little contraption for making 12x12cm calendars (just in time to make a stand from a CD box).
You can use graphics from t2e.pl + Gamebase (ST, XE and others) or enter the url to the image.
I hope GB creators won't start hunting me with firearms :mrgreen: for using their screenshots.

As the final result, we get either a pdf, a composite to be printed on a home printer, or a jpg (300dpi), which can be uploaded to any photo lab and ordered (they come out quite nice, photo from the test).
If anyone needs to spice up their desk with a calendar, please visit:


Printed in PhotoLab:

P.S. The version used is about 0.5. Of things not yet finished - the week always starts on Monday.
The project can be saved to a file, so you can approach it at your leisure, and for additional changes, you can use the old data file.


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