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New PC, Old HD

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Re: New PC, Old HD

Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:55 pm

>I installed gamebase 1.3 and gamebase 1.3 update.
you only need to install 1.3 full.
the 1.3 update is required for updating a very old v1.2 install.

>I always used my gamebase folder on a external HD (I only install program in C:).
>I have all "emulator.ini" file in the emulator system folder (external HD)

GameBase is not a portable app, and can not be installed on an external drive.
it uses the windows registry.

It can be installed on a 2nd Internal Drive or partition.

The emulators.ini and gamebase.mdb must be on the same drive

C:\GameBase\Amstrad CPC\Amstrad CPC.mdb
C:\GameBase\Amstrad CPC\emulators.ini

to save space...
all games, extras, music can be stored and ran from your external drive.
most new emulators are portable and should work from the external drive with the correct paths in the emulators.ini


the rezip function will no doubt have problems extracting to your external drive.
always try to use this...

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