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Using GBLauncher

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Using GBLauncher

Tue May 19, 2020 9:47 pm


After a long time, I take again the gamebases, and I tried to execute some games using GBLauncher.exe

I tried the following in the cmd window: gblauncher db="ti994a" id=2 emu=1

But I had not success with this, I got the following log:

***** GameBase Launcher v1.0 *****
Started: 2020-05-19 18:31:14
--> App Path: [D:\Gamebase\]
--> Command line: [db="ti994a" id=2 emu=1]
--> db param: [ti994a]
--> id param: [2]
--> emu param: [1]
--> wait param missing: using 0 (default)
--> Database name: [ti994a]
--> Database file: [D:\Gamebase\ti994a\ti994a.mdb]
--> Paths file: [D:\Gamebase\ti994a\Paths.ini]
--> Settings file: [D:\Gamebase\ti994a\Settings.ini]
--> ReZipGames: [False]
--> ReZipAsk: [True]
--> ReZipNotify: [True]
--> ReZipLegacy: [False]
--> ReZipAdditional: [Ask]
--> RequestGameDeviceInsert: [True]
--> Opened Database
--> Database version validated [2,8]
--> GBGame path found: [D:\GBGame]
--> Game path found: [D:\Gamebase\Games]
--> SQL used to read game information [SELECT GA_Id, Comment, Control, Filename, FileToRun, FilenameIndex, FA, V_Comment, PlayersTo, PlayersFrom, V_PalNTSC, Gemus, V_TrueDriveEmu FROM Games WHERE GA_Id = 2]
--> Game information loaded for game ID [2]
--> Attempting to launch found game file [D:\Gamebase\Games\Disks\Tigercub 1340 - Games By Roland Trueman (19xx)(Tigercub Software)(PD).zip] in emulator [1]
--> GEMUS failed running game [D:\Gamebase\Games\Disks\Tigercub 1340 - Games By Roland Trueman (19xx)(Tigercub Software)(PD).zip]: No configured filetypes

Any clue about the "No configured filetypes" error? I already see them configured, anyone tried to do this?


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